Editing | Why does it take weeks to get your wedding photos back?

What a night!
You got married in a flurry of love, happiness and it was all a whirlwind- right?  You probably saw your photographer from the corner of your eye here and there and she was there directing you during the portraits.   You know there were lots of photos taken and you just can’t wait to see them all!

I don’t blame you!
I come home from a wedding and I’m excited too!  Usually the next day, I pour over the images and pull a few favorites to send to my couples because I know they want a few glimpses of their big day as soon as possible!  This is usually met with a lovely response which basically makes my day!  I love doing this!

If you are that bride, you might not see another “here are some photos” email from me for a bit.   Depending on the season it can take a few weeks for everything to be edited.  Who are we kidding?  There is no “season” in TX right?  People get married pretty much year around here!
Now, I know every photographer has their own methods and workflow.  Some have editing assistants in house, some outsource their edit work, some do minimal editing and some do extensive editing on their own.  If you have researched your photographer and talked to them, you probably have a pretty good idea of what they do and what their turnaround times are.
One thing I can tell you is that you should never be shy about asking!  We much rather you ask and let us help clear up a question, than to have you wonder and think we might have forgotten about your photos!

I have a philosophy.  This is something I think about when I pick out the final count of photos to be edited, when I edit the images, when I blog or when I put them on my website or Instagram!
Here it goes:   I want every image out there with my name on it to be edited well!
Sound simple enough right?  Well, I tell you, editing photos well takes a whole lot of time but it’s usually so worth it!
When I edit an image and transform it from what came out of the camera to a striking photo, I just get so excited!   I know that when my couples get their photos they don’t really think about that or will ever really know what the “before” photo might have looked like.  My hope is that each bride and groom sees their final images and love them!

So back to what brought on this post!

I was looking back at some photos from 2015 today. Photos that I love but somehow they never made it to the blog or my website.  I started editing and I want to share that with you.  Check it out!
Here are a few before and after images!  Pretty big difference right?

 Let me know what you think!






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